the Foundry

“After all, we wouldn’t want a Moff’s spoilt brat getting shanked over some glitterstim now would we?”

- Naassa Vi

Perhaps surprisingly, Urce, and Spaceport 3 in particular, has a thriving night life and music scene.

The high point of this scene is the Foundry, a massive night club built in an old space ship parts factory. Some sections of the factories assembly are still active and are programmed by Naassa Vi, the club’s owner and resident DJ, to function as percussion.

Vi, and The Foundry, have been credited with popularising Urce’s homegrown variant of Core Drive across the Expansion region.

The Foundry’s roof is packed with the speeders/spaceships of wealthy youth, coming from more affluent worlds in the region, to party at The Foundry, looking for an authentic taste of Urce’s night life.

While The Foundry appears to be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, locals are in fact carefully screened, and obliged to check blaster power packs and edged weapons at the door.

the Foundry

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