Edge of the Empire: Tyche & Nemesis

INTERLUDE: The Calling of a Rebel

As Renaldo cannon-balled into the pool the water surged and raged droplets sprung into the air, catching the sunlight. The herglic, much more graceful in liquid environments, sliced through the water and grabbed a water polo ball and began bouncing it towards the group of humans splashing nearby.

Arranged around the pool yard were Captain Zed, the crew of the Tyche and Cha’d and his rich friends, loitering and relaxing at his Tierfon estate. Since returning the heir of the Sonnel Shipyards- and the ensuing blockade and declaration of martial law in the Urche system, Zed and his crew had decided to stay at the Sonnel estate as “security” for Cha’d.

Seated under a shaded parasol some distance from the pool, Gavyn sat by a small juice bar watching a Holonet report on a holodisplay. A human reporter, wearing the dreary grey tunic of the Imperial News Network, read impassionately:
“The military commander of the Urche blockade, Commodore Kresk, insists that the blockade was prompted by an increase in piracy and insurgent activity within the sector. The announcement said martial law had been invoked ‘to restore peace and order for people from all sides’ and added that ‘the public do not need to panic but can still live their lives as normal’. Several members of the Imperial Senate have already made requests of His Excellency to allow the passage of humanitarian mercy missions to aide the residents of the beleaguered world.”

The report concluded, heard only by Gavyn and the man seated at the juice bar. Darby, the rebel contact and Head of Operations at Sonnel, silently tugged at the cuff of his tailored suit.
Seating silently at the bar, Gavyn downed the rest of his drink, a burning coal of hatred burning in the depth of his chest. He kept it focused on the Empire and how it was strangling the life out of an already dying system, causing pain to a planet of people who were already on the arse-end of the galaxy.

Darby spoke. “There’s been no communications or traffic from Urche for a month. We’ve currently got Captain Evans gearing up for an insertion mission to gather intel on the conditions on the ground.”

Gavyn, deep in thought. drummed the fingers of his left hand on the bar, looking at but also through the black gloved prosthetic. The mechanical arm given to him by Evans and the rebels while they were running for their lives; rebels who, despite misgivings about the Tyche pirates, rescued them from the Imperial blockade. A band of rebels who were risking their lives to fight the corruption of the Empire and entities like Consolidate Resource Holdings and the Vakat Cartel.

Oblivious to the splashing of Renaldo and squeaking of Sus’hi, desperately trying to keep his fur dry, Gavyn pulled out his datapad and keyed up an astrogation map. Selecting a chart of the Expansion Sector from his Hyperspace Navigators’ Guild astrobanks, he keyed in some annotations and coordinates before ejecting the data crystal and handing it to the rebel agent.
“Here. This is an outline of some old decommissioned hyperspace routes around Urche— off the grids. Disused material caches. Gaps around gravity wells that the larger capitals ships and corvettes avoid and some such.”

Darby held the crystal in one hand, running a finger along its edge as he looked intently at the mechanic. “Why are you doing this?”

Gavyn looked over at Captain Zed splashing around the water, then down at his prosthetic left hand which he balled into a fist. “Sometimes folk don’t have a choice to just sit by and watch any longer.”


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