Renaldo Sorett

Gentle, yet intimidating Herglic


Renaldo, a Hergilc of above average size, was born on the planet Giju. Renaldo is a kind-hearted and quiet fellow, who seemed to have amassed 5 average peoples worth of clumsiness. If there was something to trip over, Renaldo would manage to find it. This was one of the reasons why Renaldo was so fond of the water. (Another reason obviously being that he was a water-based mammal)

At a young age Renaldo displayed a love for water polo, and as soon as he reached the Herglic’s age of maturity he received a scholarship allowing him to attend a prestigious school on the planet of Lamuir IV, while playing as the center for the school’s water polo team. Unfortunately Renaldo was not the brightest of students, and although he excelled at Water Polo he was failing his Xenology and Piloting classes. After one particularly bad exam Renaldo found himself wandering the unsavory parts of the city district when he spotted a gambling bar. (Herglic’s are particularly prone to the lure of gambling and often find themselves becoming addicted to die related games). This bar was dark and dingy, with several areas of the ceiling appearing perilously close to collapsing. It was not empty, but it wasn’t busy either, as Renaldo sidled into a booth he noticed another patron (a H’nemthe) who seemed to be having trouble with paying for his drinks. Being a charitable Herglic, Renaldo approached this stranger to try to assist. But as he neared, the H’nemthe pulled out a long, twisted, sinister-looking knife and threw it towards the bartender. Renaldo tried to move towards the bleeding bartender but fate had a different plan for Renaldo, and instead he tripped on the leg of a barstool and went careening towards the stranger, to correct his balance Renaldo stretched out his arms to catch on to a pole or a ledge, and managed to grab onto the bar with his left hand, unfortunately his right foot slipped on a patch of wet floor at the exact moment his hand caught onto the bar, and so his outstretched right arm swung in a curve towards the bar. The only issue being that the stranger was now in the path of this swing. The force of Renaldo’s accidental punch sent him over the bar and into a support beam. The disintegrating ceiling started to crumble from the sudden impact, a large piece of the ceiling detached and landed on the unconscious stranger. To the rest of the patrons, it seemed like this had been Renaldo’s intention and they all applauded his bravery, for that stranger had been the Butcher of Platooine 9.

After the accidental murder of the Butcher of Platooine 9, Renaldo was shunned from the Heglic community. Herglic’s are generally a very peaceful species, yet also very self conscious and aware of the judgement of others, and so due to this incident, their species was being portrayed as violent thugs. As such, the council elders decided that the only course of action was to remove Renaldo from their community.

Renaldo was destitute, he wandered the streets alone and depressed. He had not been able to move to any other Herglic communities because they were all aware of his role in the death of the Butcher of Platooine 9. It wasn’t until 3 months after the incident that he ran into Captain Zed. Renaldo had been sitting in yet another distasteful bar when a Nautolan with an impressive mustache and smug smile appeared in front of him and offered him a job on board his ship, The Tyche.

Renaldo still hasn’t decided whether or not it was a good decision to follow Zed that day, but it has certainly led him on some interesting adventures.

Renaldo Sorett

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