Ee'foea De'Mille

Former padawan on the run


The only child of Arkanians Shilo and Bonifur Greenwood, Ee’foea showed signs of force sensitivity from an early age, eventually being taken on as a padawan by the master Ju-Dee of Gerrard V.

Ee’foea was a promising student, but began to form doubts about their fellow Jedi. Finding too great a disconnect between their responsibilities to govern and protect the galaxy, and their living at a remove from the galaxy’s ordinary inhabitants, Ee’foea’s doubt at their chosen path began to cloud their training. At the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Ee’foea abandoned their training and went into hiding. In a brief goodbye note to Ju-Dee, Ee’foea explained that they disagreed too strongly with the militarisation of the Force.

Ee’foea’s intention was to return to their family, but after Order 66 was issued, they knew it was too dangerous to be seen in the Perave System. They went further underground, convincing (with a delicate combination of bribery and the Force) a records clerk to create a death certificate for Ee’foea Greenwood, and documents for Ee’foea De’Mille. Their lightsaber, they threw dramatically into a river, a decision they have since regretted.

These days, Ee’foea never stays in one place for too long, gambling their way from place to place using the Force to bluff and sense bluffs. Ee’foea Greenwood had a pretty substantial bounty on their head, so all it would take is one suspicious sore loser to tip off the local police that they have a Jedi in their midst, so just to be safe they have a marked Sabaac deck as well, in case the need arises to cheat honestly.

Ee'foea De'Mille

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