Edge of the Empire: Tyche & Nemesis

[FOUND]: Doctor's Notes


My experiments proved successful, yet it is not enough. My people are a small frivolous race. Yes, I managed to take their frivolity away from them with my greatest feat thus far, my airborne biopoison. But, it just isn’t enough. Thought – Move on to the other tribes on this ridiculous moon? I suspect it would only prove a waste of time and resources.

Not enough, just not enough. I need more. I need bigger.

Maybe it is time to focus on the contraption I found 3 Singles [ABOUT 300 12CM INCREMENTS OR 36 METRES] away from here… Yes. A good start.

I have heard of large thin creatures mounting these metal beasts and moving at incredible speed. Once I wake the beast I will confirm these stories and find these creatures beyond the horizons. They will do just fine for the next phase. Enough it may not be for now – but it is a start. Yes.


Su’shi took your life energy, not that it was worth much. Your families, yes also your un-grown ones. Su’shi took your precious skins…so soft, my friends, forever with him now. Yes. With him, now you can never leave, and never laugh. Laughing at Su’shi. He showed you all, yes he did. Now Su’shi will take care of you and share you. Friends.

Little Brother, Mother, Father. You he will keep closest, Su’shi promises. Twin sister… Su’shi will find you and keep you close to him too. He will find a way, he will come.



Kayne0X1 lougunitpk

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