Vakat Cartel

The Vakat Cartel or simply The Cartel is a large association of drug manufacturers/smugglers/slavers located in the Expansion Region.

The Cartel are known for producing and exporting large quantities of the illegal spice known as Glitterstim, utilising their seemingly endless supply of slave labour, currently from locations unknown.

The crew of the Tyche first experienced the Vakat Cartel within the nightclub known as The Foundry, on Urce. After their unfriendly introduction with the Cartel contact Sithka, the crew of the Tyche were employed to deliver 4 shipments of Glitterstim, split between Madeye Station Station and Baccarana.

There is chatter, that Consolidated Asset Reclamation and the Vakat Cartel are linked through illegal activities, however such rumors have been as yet unconfirmed.

Vakat Cartel

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