• Orbit is extremely busy – thousands of ships and billions of tons of cargo pass through vast orbiting spaceports.
    • Each spaceport is administered by a seperate corporation, such as Consolidated Logistics Support


  • Human breathable atmosphere, normal gravity, and a temperature range of -40 (polar) to +30 (equator)
  • Three major continents, seperated by liquid water oceans.
    • Equatorial regions are covered in plains of purple grass.
    • Temperate regions are mountainous and covered in forests (again, purple).
    • Large ice covered polar regions.
  • The capital city, Caer Planeta is in the equatorial plains of the smallest continent.


  • The planet itself lacks significant natural resources, so it has been spared the exploitation, overdevelopment, and resultant economic collapse that has plagued the rest of the Expansion Region.
  • Instead, the planets’ economy is based on shipping and the administration of the megacorps based there, and the attendent service industry


  • Plant analogues with a purple chlorophyll.
  • Broad mix of indigenous and feral wildlife.
    • A native 3 metre Felid is capable of stalking and killing humanoids, but is now very rare due to big game hunting.


  • 2.3 billion on the surface, plus 1 billion in orbit.
  • The populace is mostly Human or near-Human, though all races can be found here.
    • Since the rise of the Empire, Humanocentric memes have started to take hold, and non-Human races are discriminated against, albeit subtly.
  • Most of the population live in large, cosmopolitan cities or the surrounding suburbs.
  • The overall standard of living is high.
    • The “poor”, who work in the service industries or the orbital, enjoy a standard of living that would be described as upper middle class on Urce (most have their own flat and a landspeeder).
    • The middle management of companies such as Consolidated Resource Holdings enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle – large suburban houses, a housekeeper, multiple landspeeders.
    • The very wealthy (executives, bankers) split their time between country estates and inner city townhouses. Most have private staffs including bodyguards, multiple armoured speeders, and airspeeders. Some even have private starships.

Imperial Presence

  • While the Imperial fleet is headquarted around Maskides, the heart of the Imperial bureaucracy in the Expansion Region is Administration Complex 1, a purpose built city about 300 kms from Caer Planeta.
    • Grand Moff Karstein is based here.
  • There is minimal Imperial presence in the other cities of Baccarana, with security being handled by the various megacorps security services, such as Consolidated Security Solutions.


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