The Arkhat

Spiritual Leader


An elderly Kajain’sa’Nikto (Red Nikto), the Arkhat is the spiritual leader of the Sicari, an obscure religious order that is based on Dhbansera Hrdaya Madhye Animeṣanetre.


Still strong despite his apparent age, the Arkhat presents himself as a friendly father figure, shepherding his flock and leading them in contemplation of the Śyāḍō jāẏagāẏa or Shadow Universe.

It is the Arkhat who took delivery of one of the crates of Glitterstim, arranged for the installation of the Tyche’s dorsal turret, and asked the crew to transport five Sicari to Baccarana (see EL NARCOCORRIDO DEL TYCHE)

He has shown himself to be repulsed by violence.

The Arkhat

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