Mysterious but adorable Ewok scientist.


A small fury creature whose past is shrouded in mystery. He is a member of the crew of the Tyche, acting as the on board Medic and potions master. Su’shi enjoys his free time between missions within the on board janitors closet which he transformed into his “secret” laboratory. His only cosmetic contribution to the Tyche is a set of fur seat covers for the communal couch. They are so soft and comfortable, yet the crew can’t quite place their fingers on where the fur is from. Will they ever find out?…

His main skill is cunning with his preferred form of weapon being poison knives, although he has taken a liking to his newly purchased Net Gun.


There are only two known facts about Su’shi; he is from the forest moon of Endor and he has an abnormally advanced understanding of poisons.

Will anyone ever know any more about this tiny creature? Only time will tell.


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