Gavyn Fre'way

disgraced astrogator pilot, genius mechanic, and huffer of industrial solvents



  • Disgraced: Gavyn has lost his BOSS captaincy/pilot license, and in astrogators’ offices and circles, he is a very public and cautionary tale of what happens to those who mess up.


  • 1 blaster pistol
  • 1 vibroknife (boot scabbard)
  • utility belt
    • datapad
    • Electronic Lock Breaker
    • tool kit
    • comlink
    • Audio recorder disguised as a second comlink
    • 4 stimpaks


Human male in late twenties.
green eyes
brown hair 70s overgrown / mark hamill-style.

Usually wears standard aviation mechanic overall uniform, old and faded-blue with reflective safety tape and rubber utility pocket. It has accrued a year’s worth of oil and avionic fluid stains. Over the top of this overall Fre’way usually sports his old faded-brown Hyperspace Navigators Guild pilots’ jacket, a reminder of who he once was. Utility belt holds the tools of his new trade- a datapad


The little that Gavyn has told his new crew mates…

  • He had a formal education growing up
  • Unlike many who have to join the Imperial Academy, he was able to go to Flight Academy on a sponsorship program through the Hyperspace Navigators Guild.
  • Worked for the HNG for six years. Piloted his own scout ship, charting new hyperspace routes and updating astrogation charts for the Expansion Region.
  • Due to the isolation and monotony of his profession, he started ingesting booster blue.
  • Eventually his vice was discovered during an audit and inspection of his craft.
  • For the last year he worked as a mechanic on backwater planets, working on ships that he would be again be able to fly.
  • Eventually he ran out of money and found himself on Urce, managing to get a job in a starship garage.
  • Three months ago he met Captain Zed, who was looking for a co-pilot and engineer for the Tyche.

Gavyn Fre'way

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