Captain Zed

The Notorious Nautolan Pirate "Captain Zed"



  • Notoriety: Zed the Notorious Nautolan is known and wanted on multiple planets and in multiple sectors. His most notable crimes include; Smuggling, Piracy, Murder, Treason, Robbery and Attempted Assassination of Government Officials.
    He is exiled from his home planet, on pain of death, and currently resides on many wanted boards across the galaxy.


  • Vibrorapier
  • Dueling Pistol
  • XL-2 “Flashfire” Blaster Pistol


  • Padded Armour


  • Comlink(Handheld)
  • Macrobinoculars


  • Nautolan Male, Early thirties
  • Brown/Green Complexion
  • Long Tentacly Hair, Large Black Eyes
  • Cybernetic Right Leg & Left Arm
  • Noticeable Aged Scarring Back, Chest & RIght Arm

Normally seen wearing a patchwork, ancient, smuggler style ensemble with a red/brown cape billowing behind him, heightening his self-worth immensely. Loaded to the brim with pistols and equipment, with his trusty rapier ‘Lucylle’ forever at his side, Captain Zed approaches each situation head first (quite literally) with zeal and finesse beyond his years.


Only 3-Months on board the Tyche has not allowed the crew to explore each others past deeply, however what is know of the Notorious Captain Zed is below:

  • Born into a low sea-faring social class on the Nautolan Homeworld of Glee Anselm, from an early age Zed had aspirations for greatness. Acting out heroic scenes from ancient Smuggler tales and daring escapes in Pirate stories aboard his families small fishing vessel, Zed dreamed of travelling across the greatest ocean above, amongst the sea of stars.
  • An early tragedy led him to smuggling/piracy as a means of survival, years passed, eventually leading to an important confrontation with the local government authorities, an event which Zed speaks little of.
  • The Tyche was commandeered as a final means of escape from Glee Anselm, Zed spent the next few months chasing jobs and crew members, always keeping his main goal in the front of his mind.

Captain Zed

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