Edge of the Empire: Tyche & Nemesis


A Pirates life for me

A crisp wind on feathered wings
The cool churn of the weathered sea
A new prize each day brings
As we glide, we fly, we’re free
It’s a pirates life for me

The high-speed ‘Nautilus Class’ Catamaran glides swiftly along the undisturbed waters of the great ocean of Glee Anselm. At the helm, barking orders to the frenzied crew, and attempting to stand proudly is a green-brown skinned, wide smiled, Nautolan – Captain of the Pirate Vessel – Shai Anselm. As the shine from the closest sun rises to its brightest and highest point a dark shape can be seen on the horizon. The already considerably wide smile of the proud captain grows larger as his large, dark eyes spot a new prize.

“Lower the topsail, charge the cannons, spotters to their posts!” the Captain barks to his crew.
“We’ve got a freighter up ahead and its full of stuff that doesn’t belong to em. Let’s help them return it to their rightful owners aye!?”

AYE!” replies the crew as they heed the captains orders and rush off to their duties.
The sleek catamaran blasts forward, barely skimming the surface of the water, mimicking a predator pouncing on its prey.


Sensor Operator Jayse Alsee was resting back in an adjustable, leather armchair waiting for the scheduled scanning protocol to be completed and come back negative, as usual, when suddenly an alarm sounded and flash of red appeared on the screen.

Peering down quizzically at his control panel the operator pressed a collection of buttons to display the alert. A large and fast moving vessel had appeared without warning a short distance from them, it was displaying no serial codes and moving too quickly to be a cargo or imperial ship.

“Captain we’ve got a fast approaching vessel on our port-side, she’s moving too quick to be one of ours sir!” the operator punches through on his commlink.
“Copy that Jayse, pass scan to main monitors and switch to caution stations.” was heard through the commlink, with slight crackling.

On the top deck, the freighter captain, took her first looks at the scanned image, being transferred to her in real-time. A small swift moving blip was shown on a direct course with her vessel.

“Contact, single target, port-side, two clicks captain, she’ll be on us in less than 60 seconds at that speed.” A voice beside the captain bellowed.
“It’s the Shai Anselm captain, I know the hull, request immediate evasive action.”

SHIELDS UP, GUNNERS TO THEIR STATIONS…..engine-room give us full…..” the captain began to shout before she was interrupted by an explosive jolt and flash of light.



A soft red glow from the emergency powered safety lights and swift yellow flashes is all that can be seen. Dazed and confused, the captain slowly raised herself from the ground of the cockpit. She could see the dark outlines of her, still unconscious, crew strewn across the floor. A noise from behind her caught her attention and she swiftly turned around to catch eyes with…. the wide smiled, proudly standing Nautolan Zed – Captain of the Shai Anselm….

To be Continued…


Kayne0X1 micheal_steffen

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